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"A mesmerizing story..." New York Review of Books
"Young's intense focus... provides imagery of 
       glistening beauty."  Publisher's Weekly
"Superb - poetic & luscious..." BookPleasures.com

Nancy M.C. Young's debut novel, STRUM has been awarded: 
  • 2018 Bibliophile Best of the Best (Overdrive Pilot Project)
  • 2016 Library Journal TOP 5 Self-e Ebook (#2 Fantasy)
  • 2015 USA Best Book Finalist (Literary Fiction)
  • 2014 Independent Book Publishers Award (IPPY) Silver Medal for Best Regional Fiction (Canada-east); 
  • 2014 Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, and Great Northwest Book Festivals (Hon Mention) 

STRUM: AN AUDIOBOOK WITH MUSIC was launched January 2018, five years after the debut of the novel. Funded by a GoFundMe campaign, the Audiobook was a labor of love for the author. Produced through Audible, the narration is by musician/voice actor, Hunter McBride of Ontario, Canada, with original guitar music by Olivier Leclerc of Quebec, Canada, whose CD "Morning Songs" is also available on Amazon. This North American collaboration has yielded a stunning work of musical and literary brilliance, which transports the readers on a spiritual journey full of love, tragedy and natural wonder.


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An International Book Award Winner

"Rich with beautiful imagery and thought-provoking symbolism, this debut novel will stay with readers long after they finish the final page. VERDICT Engrossing prose and an imaginative narrative define this gorgeous, highly recommended saga."  Library Journal  

"A beautifully written, engrossing family epic..." Kirkus Reviews 

"A richly human, spiritual and magical tale of family, love, struggle and redemption... an audacious and marvelous first novel..." The Fairy Poet 

Young’s intense focus on the natural world provides imagery of glistening beauty…” Publishers Weekly

"So well written that you feel you are right there. The imagery painted with her words is fantastic."  Amazon Review (E. Dempsey)

"Whenever I come to the end of a good book, I find myself reading a little slower, feeling sad too that this pleasure is almost over. This is one of these books..." Amazon Review (B. Mokhtarzadeh)

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THE HEART OF KALA PATTAR (working title)

High in the Himalayas, a Taiwanese-American Harvard Med School dropout searches for the meaning of life, the concept of selflessness, and a hermit who holds the key to the future of the mountains.  But first she must send him to learn the lessons of The Outback in Australia where he discovers his true destiny.

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Excerpt #1:  Chapter 1 - The Mountain

Breathe in that cold air slow and deep expanding your lungs and diaphragm as big and wide as you can manage. Hold it and count to fifteen. Now force it out with a long exhale and hold it for another eight. This forces you to take in more air with your next breath. Keep your mind focused on absorbing every molecule of life-saving oxygen. Take your time, that is the key. Altitude sickness is no joke and no one is immune to this deadly game of mountain roulette. High altitude cerebral edema. It doesn’t give a damn about the urgency of your mission, or mine. Ascending extreme altitudes is a gamble, and surviving acute mountain sickness is high priced, low-odds bet no one wants to lose. I’ve heard from reliable sources that here in the Himalayas, whether you’re up against punishing peaks like these, or just kicking around in those lower reaches I can see down at the bottom of this ravine, there is absolutely no correlation between a person’s age, sex, experience or even physical fitness, and their level of intolerance for severe oxygen deprivation. The brain is a delicate organ. For sure.